If you are thinking about selling your home, this is your guide to get your home ready to sell. Doing these things before putting your house on the market will help you sell your home fast and for more money.  Thinking of putting your home on the market?  Let's talk! 

Deferred Maintenance  

Get all the little odd jobs done before you sell your house because even the smallest thing will lower the house price.  

Brightening Up  

Your house needs to be really bright. If there’s something blocking the light, you need to change it or remove it completely. A tip for when you're showing the house is to turn on all the lights so it can look brighter.  

Home Updates  

Now is the best time to update the rooms and all the furniture. If they look old, repaint them or totally replace them with new ones.  

Curb Appeal

First impressions maHer. The front of the house is the first picture everyone sees so make sure you make  it a good one.  


People like to see themselves in the house so if you have pictures of yourself make sure to take them down and try to take away as much personal stuff as you can.  

Start Interviewing Agents  

Don’t pick the first one. Do a lot of interviews before you make your decision. Interview agents that have  sold homes in that area before so you know that they are familiar with the neighborhood. Ask them  what their plans are for advertising, promoting and selling your house. Ask them if they are using  Matterport because it is really important for people to see the house in 3D.